A celebration of women’s rights, achievements makes me wonder what are we inspiring women to be today.

The belief was “you can have it all” and yet I feel this instilled the need to be perfect, scared to ask for help and if you didn’t get it right you failed. I feel we got this wrong.

We should be raising our girls/women to have courage. Courage to take bold steps and courage to pick ourselves up again and change path when necessary without feeling like a failure.

My wish for you my darling daughter is to be comfortable in your own skin and follow your own path wherever that may take you.

To have the courage to chase your dreams regardless of the outcome. To know that we will support you even if we can’t understand your choices. To ignore the words of those cautioning you for they are too fearful to walk a path that hasn’t been well trodden. To recognise that we all have different paths to walk.

My wish for you is to be courageous to create your own mold if you choose to, to be ok with being vulnerable and to know that you never have to do it all on your own.