Effective Communications


This workshop develops the ability to read your colleagues communication style and adapt your natural style to meet their preferences. By understanding what motivates people and how they react under pressure, team cohesiveness and productivity is greatly increased and conflict is reduced.

Emotional Intelligence

EQ or Emotional Intelligence has been quoted as more important than IQ and for good reason. Often referred to as the “soft skills”, these are the ones that can make or break a career.

Social and Emotional Intelligence is the ability to be aware of your own emotions and the emotions of others, in the moment, then to use that information to manage yourself and manage your relationships.

When these are working well, you can form strong relationships with others, maintain healthy physical and mental health and know how to self manage your stress and your emotions as. you navigate bumps in the road of work and life. Without these skills, you may find yourself dealing with emotional outbursts, higher levels of stress, anger and anxiety, encountering more conflict with others and struggling to maintain strong relationships.

In this workshop, you’ll explore the four pillars of social and emotional intelligence to discover how to recognise and manage your emotions, how to read the underlying current in a group to manage the power dyamics and how to create and maintain strong relationships.


Speaking in front of a group can be a great fear for many and potentially a barrier to career progression.

This workshop steers away from the rigid, lifeless, death by powerpoint presentations that are commonplace. In this workshop, we improve confidence by bringing your personality to light and empower you with tools to really connect with your audience so that you know when your message is hitting the mark and what to do when its not. You’ll learn a flexible content structure that eliminates the need to rely on an over-rehearsed, lifeless script and enables you to adapt when required.

With these tools and the many other skills you will learn, this workshop will take your communications skills to the next level. This is a hands-on, interactive workshop that will have you walk away empowered to handle any speaking situation with confidence.

*1/2 day individual training also available

Michelle has provided an excellent training to my team on Stakeholder Management. The training was custom developed to suit the needs of my team. The feedback was excellent and we are looking forward to work with Michelle on our future training needs.

Jana Kapr

CEO, Billigence

Team Communications Effectiveness Training and Coaching. Michelle facilitated a company behavioural analysis and profiling program that was engaging and very effective in developing techniques on how our team can improve. Our company goal was to learn as a team considering individual communication, motivation and working styles to ultimately create a performance environment with great communication.

Michelle has a great approach and provided a equal playing field for the team to learn and explore, while considering individual needs. As a founder and experienced manager, I learned techniques to modify my approach and communicate more effectively based on individual needs.

Glenn Murray

CTO & Partner, Conn3cted

The 2 Day ‘Speak with Confidence and Impact” course was a transformational experience for me. I signed up for the course to get some tips to help me with my public speaking skills, without realising how much more I would learn! Michelle taught me so much about how different people operate, communicate and interact. This was extremely helpful for me to understand my own drivers, as well as improving my abilities to influence and inspire others. I highly recommend this for anyone who needs to present, pitch or report as part of their role.

Carolyn Trickett

Head of Business Technology , Jones Lang LaSelle

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