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Hi I’m Michelle,  

My Story


Sometimes to achieve a different result, you need to think and act a little differently.

Little kids go through the phase of asking “WHY” all the time. It’s a normal part of human development and it drives everyone mad in the process. Apart from the incessant repetition driving us mad, its also challenging because most of us never stop to question why we do or don’t do something. Most of us never analyse something unless its broken. Preferring to take a well trodden path rather than carve out our own on unfamiliar territory.

For me, I guess I never grew out of challenging things when they don’t make sense to me and over time “why not” became one of my mantras.

I never understood people that let others decide which box you can and cannot fit into because their view of the world mean’t you didn’t fit their “acceptable criteria”. I never understood people that gave up at the first hurdle. Some might call that stubborn, I prefer to call it determined and that determination has taken me to many wonderful places.  

In my corporate leadership roles, I approached problems differently. I challenged others to take off the filters how they think. To think outside the square, to tackle problems and approach things in a different way.

Both personally and as a leader, I believe obstacles are simply something that don’t have a solution yet.

I immersed myself in the dynamics of psychology,  NLP and emotional intelligence to understand how the mind and body can be optimised for success.

In a nutshell, I learnt how to quickly cut-through the crap that was getting in the way of results.

I gained a reputation for taking silo’d, dysfunctional teams and transforming them into cohesive, high performing teams that achieved amazing results in crazy timeframes. For accelerating the careers of direct reports who learnt how to adapt their mindset and communications for personal wellbeing and productivity as well as becoming an influential communicator and strong relationship builder. 

Now, I work with others to help them cut-through complexity to attain inspirational results in a truly productive, sustainable way. I coach, train and speak on all aspects of communications for influence, stress management, team and relationship building to improve individual and team performance whilst maintaining resilience under pressure.


What I Believe

You are limited by the conversations you are not willing to have

When we fail to communicate, we fail to connect. Communication is never one way. Even internally. It is about building a two way connection. Conflict both internal and external comes from avoiding the hard conversations.

Peel off the label

Labels influence identity. When you accept other people’s labels for you, you accept their limitations. Stop taking on other peoples views and limitations of who you can and can’t be if it doesn’t work for you. Forge your own path. Write your own label.

Your language tells your secrets

Whether you wish it to or not. The words we use convey our confidence (or lack of), or our conviction or not, that we believe in what we are saying. Mind chatter and self doubt fade when there is congruence in your mindset and the language you use. 

Your EQ matters way more than your IQ

Our success in career and life is defined by our ability to be self aware and not only our own emotions but those of others. We must have the trust of others first before we can seek to influence others towards a new perspective. Without trust, there is no influence. 

My Approach


Connection, Compassion, Courage

I believe when you have: 

  • Connection with yourself and others that is built from strong self and social awareness plus,
  • Compassion for the way others show up in this world and those parts of you you’d like to hide away, combined with the
  • Courage to let yourself be authentically heard and seen

then stress, anxiety, conflict disappear and are replaced with curiosity, collaboration and conviction.  

These elements all shape who you are as a person and how you interact with the world as a whole. When they are in sync, then everything is possible. When they are out of sync then you might find yourself in a position of lack. Then conflict, stress, anxiety, fatigue can all start to rear their head.

I believe the key to unlocking success in these area’s is based on your ability to align your mindset with your language. There is a power in building your “connected conversations” skills that provides you a framework for creating alignment, engagement and strong relationships with yourself and others.

In my coaching, workshops and consulting, I focus on developing:

  • self awareness on how you operate and what might be getting your way
  • insight into the difference communication styles/preferences that differ to your own
  • skills in how you can adapt your communications for greater cut-through and engagement
  • your toolkit for dealing with stress and challenging situations

Ultimately, its about putting you back in the driver seat feeling in control of the direction you wish to head.

Ever felt like your communication just doesn’t it the target? Be it family, friends, work colleagues or the boss? 
I attended an “effective communications” course that provided great insight into what I can look out for and how to deal with different people in trying to get my message across. Extremely informative, very interactive and highly recommended if you want to hone your communication & delivery skills. Thanks Michelle for the mentor and guidance.

Hannes Mostert

SAP Professional

I was lucky enough to spend 2 days doing a communications and presentation course. She was amazing how she taught us some basics which is all about listening, learning and using visual aids and auditory but also going in and doing the practise. I’m feeling a lot more confident when it comes to doing my presentations.

Christine Aarons

Project and Change People Lead, Telstra

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