Looking to build confidence in presenting, secure a promotion, or ensure your message is heard, “Speak with Confidence & Impact” has you covered. 

The biggest item on most people’s development plan is “get better at public speaking”. Why? Because being a confident speaker can be the difference between you getting that promotion or not. Or the difference between you having an impressive presence or being part of the wallpaper because your words lack impact.

Not only is it an essential leadership skill, its essential to your wellbeing. Removing the anxiety behind presenting to others means your body has more energy and your brain can actually focus on what you’re trying to achieve rather than freaking out. Being able to say NO and have some grunt behind it, could be the only thing stopping you from burning out.

Being able to speak and present with confidence is crucial if you want to accelerate your career. Whether it be running a workshop or presenting to C-level Executives, your words and ability to influence the room is paramount to your success.

Being a confident and impactful speaker is a rare ability

that many fail to achieve… 

because they don’t know the secrets!

Speaking with confidence and impact is easy when you have the structure and tools that ALL the great and inspiring speakers use.


  • Aspiring leaders
  • Program/Project Managers, Business Analysts, Change Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Anyone who wants to have a stronger voice and presence

See testimonials below from past participants.

The objective of the program is to shake up the way you think, feel and deliver to an audience, whether it be a presentation, a meeting or a difficult conversation.


“Speak with confidence and impact” is a 2-day workshop for everyday people designed to build confidence and skills to speak with authority and influence whomever the audience.

2019 Course Dates

Location: Sydney Time: 9:00-5:00pm each day Cost: $995

“I saw Michelle give a seminar at Morgan McKinley on how to speak with confidence. I wanted to do the course but wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. When I did the two full days, I found it gave me everything I needed to do right now in my job. So it met every expectation, I learnt a lot.”

Donella Fardoulis – Business Analyst

Wouldn’t it be great to:

  • speak without having your stomach tied in knots
  • feel like you can finally make an impact at work
  • have people really engaged in the conversation

Click to download the 2 day course overview

“I was lucky enough to spend two days doing a communications and presentation course. She was amazing how she taught us some basics which is all about listening, learning and using visual aids and auditory but also going in and doing the practice. I’m feeling a lot more confident when it comes to doing my presentations.” 

Christine Aarons – Change Manager

Across the 2 days, you’ll discover:

*  Ways to calm your nerves before (& whilst) you speak

*  How to structure your content for massive impact in minimum time

*  How to use language to influence outcomes

*  How to speak without relying on Powerpoint

*  Different ways to engage your audience to make your sessions interactive

* The keys to identifying what drives and motivates your audience

AND SO MUCH MORE!! Click to download the 2 day course overview 

“Tough gig for 2 days, it was really good fun. At the end of the course I’m really excited to implement what I’ve just learnt. I would highly recommend it to Project Managers and Project Directors. Great course”

Craig Woodburn – Project Manager


This course is perfect for leaders. You’ll leave knowing the keys to connect with your team on a deeper level. You’ll tap into knowledge on how to motivate and inspire them much faster.

This course is perfect for aspiring leaders. You’ll leave knowing how you can improve your influence and impact building a much stronger personal brand.

This course is perfect for anyone looking to maximise their productivity at work and implement more boundaries. You’ll leave empowered and feeling energised as you gain time back for yourself through more efficient meetings.

So, now you know all that. Its up to you, take the plunge and invest in 2 days for yourself to come out the other side, more confident, more empowered and making your mark in 2019.

If you’re looking to increase your influence and get better results, then register today