You’re putting yourself out there in the dating world, online, offline, you name it. Not getting the results you want? Well, maybe it isn’t about what you’re not doing, its about what you’re doing already that might be sabotaging you. 

3 things that you’re probably doing that are stopping you from finding love:
  1. STOP saying “I’ll never find someone” – our brains are powered by our instruction; it listens and follows everything you tell it to. Take some advice from Michael Buble and change your language and thinking to I” just haven’t met you YET“or “I haven’t found someone YET”

  2. STOP being so broad with what you’re looking for. Get CLEAR on what you want – I’m sure you have some ‘well meaning’ friends telling you’re being too picky. However, it’s good to know what you’re looking for. Like buying a jacket. Yes, so a jacket has two sleeves. Yes, now what else do you want? Style, fabric, length, colour. You name it, it is good to get specific.
  3. STOP thinking you have to be something you’re not. The only way you’ll find someone that is really compatible with you, is by being fully you. If you change to what you think might be more appealing, yes you may attract more potentials however, they may not be what you’re actually looking for. I’m not saying don’t make a bit of an effort. However, own who you are and all the little quirks and traits that are you.

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Michelle Sorrensen is an experienced Leadership and Mindset Coach who has helped many individuals and teams to develop better, more effective relationships to become high achievers both in the workplace and on a personal level. An expert in human behaviour and the neuroscience of human transformation, Michelle transformed her own
life over 10 years ago and has been doing the same for others ever since. Having seen many high achievers be less than lucky in love and having previously experienced herself, Michelle now focusses on helping strong, professional woman turn their love life around.